Because I like Lists

Reason for list: Not sure. These are just things I’ve been thinking about all day. Interesting, I know.

1. My apartment is freezing, even though I have the heat on and am under the vent

2. I love my new mac.

3. Watching people shovel snow off their cars is wildly entertaining. I saw one woman using a kitchen broom.

4. My fingers are frozen. This, I believe warrants a hot cocoa.

5. I procrastinated so much on my syllabi and I’m quite sick of typing them up.

6. Typing up syllabi makes me realize I care too damn much about my students “learning.”

7. FH isn’t coming over because the weather sucks.

8. Number 7 makes me happy to be planning our nuptials. Soon we get to share a roof!

9. I shouldn’t be making this list, I should be finishing up these gosh darn syllabi.

10. I wonder where the little girl who was making snow angels outside went.

11. This list is stupid. I’ll finish now.