A Random List

This is what my day has looked like:

1. Woke up at 5:30AM (Motivation: Don’t want to be a cow, I’m pretty happy being human, would like to continue looking like one)

2. Spinning (Instructor tried to kill us with hills)

3. Realized my wallet was missing (Awesome)

4. Destroyed car and apartment looking for wallet (no luck)

5. Called the only place I went to about wallet (no luck)

6. Checked my bank account a thousand times to see if there was activity (nope)

7. Where the F*!& is my wallet?

8. Lunch

9. Phone Call that went like this:

Lady: May I speak with One Mean MFA?

ME: This is she.

Lady:  A resident found your wallet, we’re holding it for you.

ME: Oh Thank GOD! What a relief.

Her tone was monotone and she didn’t even sound happy that I was happy. A true testament to the human spirit.

10. Picked up wallet.

11. Cancelled cards even though none of them were missing.

Man on the other line at bank was overly talkative, and told me a lot about his life–which was not so interesting. He then ended the phone call saying something about how I knew more about him than his coworkers. Now sure how to react to something like that.

12. Watched House Hunters

13. Finished Syllabus for one of 3 preps

14. Procrastinated by checking twitter, facebook, and my email about a million times and didn’t write a single sentence of fiction

15. Wrote this post.