Reality: Day 1

Woke at 5:30 this morning and actually got spinning on time. I was shocked and mildly pleased with myself for not thinking of an excuse when the alarm went off. I had prepared my clothes the night before, and didn’t stay up too late so waking up wasn’t too brutal. Currently, I’m crashing. I’m a bit tired and debating if I should take a nap, but am fighting the urge.

Next week classes start. I’m not even close to being ready, but whatever, I’ll be ready when the time comes. Today, I tried to do some wedding planning, but couldn’t get ahold of the people I needed to speak with so I’m guessing this a sign from the universe that I don’t need to wedding planning. Which, to be honest, is perfectly fine with me.

I could have easy put off getting into the new workout routine until next week, since that is when I’m back to work, but decided I better get into the grove of working out my new schedule this week. This being just one reason why I’m not napping right now. This time next week I’ll be teaching how to write a paper 101, yet again.

In October I was promise a literature course, which was opened, but it didn’t have enough students and was canceled. I had to take another rhetoric course. I was pretty bummed; I was so excited to be able to teach a lit course.

Since, I’m still not completely settled into my apartment, I have about 5-6 boxes of books left to unpack, shelves to install on the shelves and sometime this week I need to purchase a new file cabinet, I’m not so motivated. My apartment is a mess and I just don’t focus well in a mess. I’m hoping that when I stop over at Ikea today, I get luck with the file cabinet situation.

Starting off the semester with a messy apartment is not good for me. I’ll get so stressed out about the mess and not be able to focus, which is exactly what is happening right now. Instead of pumping out my syllabi, I’m typing the random thoughts that are floating around my head. Lucky you.

The holidays always seem to get me off track. I felt terrible that I skipped this month’s writing exchange with my girlfriend, but I’m ready for this Friday. I’m hoping this new schedule of teaching night classes forces me to be productive during the day since, I won’t be able to get my catch up work done at night. I also won’t be seeing much of FH this semester since we usually hangout for dinner. Bummer. I love him so much. At least, by this time next year we’ll be living together so I can come home and snuggle with him.

Well, since I don’t have an excuse to do nothing, I think I’ll drink one more cup of coffee–God I’m sleepy–and then get some work done.

Are you guys back to reality? How is it treating you so far? Are you back on track?


Thanksgiving, and Family, and Vacation–Oh MY!

Thanksgiving  break cannot come soon enough.  The boyfriend and I will be heading over to my parents this year, but before that we’ll be taking a small vacation that is so warranted.

Because being a college instructor is literally the greatest thing ever, I canceled classes for Monday and Tuesday (we’re having class on-line, thank you Blackboard). It will be nice be gone for the week. Sometimes heading out-of-town like I did at Halloween is just what the doctor ordered.

This week, however, promises to be mildly chaotic. I still have three classes worth of final drafts to comment and grade before tomorrow. I also need to pack, which, for whatever reason, always takes me an eternity. Yesterday, I was consumed by a cleaning bug, and even wiped down my kitchen cabinets. I’m a psycho when it comes to cleaning. I was on my hands and knees wiping down the moldings in the kitchen and bathroom. Also, tomorrow night Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 comes out and you can bet your ass I’ll be at a midnight showing.

I know that doesn’t seem like a lot to do, but the paper grading is draining.

My students don’t really need to have their papers back before tomorrow, but it will definitely make the vacation more pleasant knowing I can come back to a paper free apartment and work on some writing.

I haven’t seen my family since the summer, which is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing my parents. Strangely enough, it’s been easier than I thought it would be. Maybe I should have gone to college out-of-state ( I was only about 2 hours away). Still, I’m looking forward to seeing my parents and sisters, even though seeing family is almost always a foreshadowing of drama and yelling. 

I’m especially eager to see how the renovations at the house have gone…I don’t know if I posted about that, but I should totally tell you all that story, since it’s simply ridiculous. Also, my mother gets her CAT Scan results back tomorrow and I’m crossing my fingers and praying like crazy that we get back some good news (please keep her in your prayers and thoughts).

Thanksgiving this year is going to be huge at the One Mean MFA’s Parents’ house (almost typed in my actual last name). The boyfriend will be with us, my youngest sister and her boyfriend’s family, some friends of my youngest sister, my aunt, uncle and surrogate grandmother and some other faces will be there. It’s going to be loud and Italian and I can’t wait. Also, my mother makes the best freakin’ stuffing on the face of the Earth.

What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? Are you ready to get into holiday gear?

Family + Holidays =Explosives

So like most people, I have a crazy family. I love them to death, but there are times when I want to die of embarrassment. Times when I question my biology. Tonight at dinner was one of those nights.

Some background::

I have two sisters. One of my sisters is nine years younger than me and is the funniest person on the planet. She is still in high school and on occasion her boyfriend joins us for dinner. Tonight was one of those nights.

My other sister is 21 months younger than me and we hate each other. She is the blacksheep in our family, and often all of us wonder how she ended up in our family. Her life is a chaotic mess and she is often times immature and blames other for her life and current living situation. She refuses to take responsiblity for her actions and this annoys me to no end. If you don’t like your life situation, stop bitching and DO something about.  When I’m around her for too long I feel like she has a toxic hold over me.  Her negative energy is able to suck the life  and light out of any space.

Tonight at dinner she started rambling about something completely inappropriate and even started telling racist jokes. She proceeded to tell my mother suffering from cancer that she wanted to make her pot brownies because it would help cure the cancer (I warned you, she is crazy). My mother, who is super conservative and opposed to the over use of Tylenol, opposed the idea of any kind of marijuana consumption.

My sister than went on some rant about inappropriate behavior of a doctor that she encountered. All the while my other sister’s boyfriend sat at the dinner table staring at his food. When (let’s call her blacksheep) Blacksheep started to tell racist jokes I removed myself from table.

I don’t think my sister is a racist; I believe she just wanted to repeat some joke she heard. Her disclaimer was that it wasn’t that funny. We were all unsure why she wanted to repeat it. I asked her repeatedly not to even say the joke, begging someone to help me change the subject. She said the joke, which was not funny. 

I sat there as she continued to defend herself and her friend who she heard the joke from. I then got up from the table, having heard enough. 

I went outside for brisk walk in the cold weather. It made me wonder why I drove twelve hours to come home for the holidays. I could have had a peaceful week of getting work done and relaxing. Instead, I enter this pit of chaos.

A week ago I was freaking out about moving so far away from my family, but after this evening, after the yelling, the not being able to sleep in a bed, and my sister’s erratic behavior, I’m relieved that on December 26th I get to leave.

I can’t stay here. 

What makes me sad is that my mother, who is ill, has to stay here. She deserves better. She deserves a clean comfortable house where she can rest and relax instead of constantly wonder what crazy ass thing Blacksheep is going to do or say.

It will be a Christmas miracle if I don’t tell Blacksheep off before the holiday weekend comes to an end.

Christmas miracles? They do happen, right?

Holiday Readings

Tonight at the library of my university, the MFA program will be holding a holiday reading. Last year around this time, the honors society and literary magazine hosted the reading and it was lovely. I’m obsessed with readings. I love going to them, and I love love love reading at them.

I’m currently enrolled in a course that focuses on Emerson and Thoreau and we are always talking about how they did readings around Concord. I have to say, I would totally have loved this. Reading your writing to a crowd is awesome. It allows you to perform your piece how you know it should be heard, and it helps you find places where improvements may be necessary. Also, you’re reaching people instantly.

I love it. I have a small theatre background and I look at every reading like a performance. While some of my peers do not feel the same way I find it important to know when to pause for laughs and when to raise your voice, and read softly. I love reading a piece that gets laughs where you want it. There is also the networking opportunities as with most departments professors tend to support their students.

It’s also very possible that I love the attention.

The thing is, I don’t just love reading at readings, I love hearing writers read their work the way they intend for the reader to hear it. Their work becomes alive and there is this supportive energy in the air. I love it. I love it. I love it.  Not to mention the holiday theme gets me fired up for the upcoming break. I love the holidays, and this readings is the perfect segue.

Okay, enough. I have to practice one or two more times and I’d like to squeeze a nap in.

Have a great weekend all. I’ll keep you posted on everything (the reading, the job hunt, the thesis, moving, and Frankenmommy).