Proofread This

My thesis essay is sitting next to me. All I have to do is proofread it and email it to my chair. Get excited.

I’m stoked about this, although today has got to be the day that tops my worst teaching day ever. Thank God for positives like finishing up grad school stuff.  If today wasn’t Friday I would have had to call a substitute teacher in, because if I had to look into the eyes of those demon children for one more day this week it would not have ended well.

Things to look forward to this weekend:

Working out

Small revisions to my novel

Possible sections to be added to my novel (still haven’t decided)

My tomato plant is starting flower, little baby tomatoes are a great way to end a rough week


Tell me this isn’t depressing…

Friday night has arrived and I’m dying to just DO something. Doing something can and would include: starbucks with friends, movies, bowling, renting a movie, going out for a drink, dancing, getting out of this room, and whatever else. Here is the problem: I have about ten bucks in my checking account waiting for student loans and my summer job to start. While the money situation is of course an aspect of being a GTA it’s getting old.I’m trying to avoid spending money except for on groceries and books I need for school.

I was going to go to the moviecube or blockbuster to rent a movie but here’s the thing my DVD player only plays movies in black and white and I think the sound is questionable. So my Blockbuster trip would be a very expensive one since I’d have to stop at Best Buy to buy a new DVD player.

 I’m itching for some kind of interaction. While I’m so glad one of closest friends from grad school is having a bbq tomorrow I still would like to do something tonight. Something that isn’t going to break the bank. I decided not to go to Best Buy and get that DVD player so I’m stuck here. Going to a place like Barnes and Noble is an unnecessary temptation. Delicious coffee and sweets,and even more delicous books. This is not a good idea.

My room is spick and span so cleaning is out of the question. Friday is my cleaning day so I’ve already done my chores. Some of you may ask, what about that boyfriend you occasionally alude to. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but he lives 1000 miles away, so even couch time with the bf is not an option. Writing all this out is kind of making me a little bit emotional.

I have books and writing I could and probably should be doing for class but I desperatly need a break from homework. Although, the more I think about it I probably should do some more work today since tomorrow is going to be a day spent amoung friends. Tomorrow could be my break.

I’m done with the mindless television. TV gets lame after awhile, especially when you have the very basic cable package that doesn’t include HBO. I’ll proably do some mindless internet surfing for a while, maybe even research a bit for my novel. Sit in my bed and read. Not sure exactly what I’ll read but God knows there’s plenty reading material in this room.

I hope you aren’t reading this but are doing something recreational.

I know I’m such the Negative Nancy today. It’ll get better. I have to tell myself this. The hardwork pays off. This too shall pass, this too shall pass.