How Shameful

I was cruising craigslist today and saw this ad:

I am a retired teacher who has been ghostwriting essays, assignments, dissertations, theses, blogs, articles and more for over a decade. In addition, I am a successful grantwriter.

I also provide academic support to people taking online classes.

For personal service at a great price contact:

I will send you my resume and a variety of writing samples upon request.

$10 per page (250 words) for undergraduate papers. Graduate work negotiable.
$200 per community college online class. $300 for 4 year university class.

I was disturbed on so many levels.

I mean, wow, how can a teacher behave so unethically? I can’t even imagine how this is even okay. Would this teacher allow this kind of material in their classroom. Do they look down on online work because after seeing this ad, my belief that online classes and degrees may not be so valid.

I removed the contact information because it didn’t seem necessary for this blog post, but this ad had the teacher’s name and phone number. Can’t a teacher get in trouble for this? And if they can’t, shouldn’t they?

My whole life I’ve been called an idealist. For the longest time, older teachers would tell me that I held my students to high standards because I hadn’t experienced life and blah blah blah. I just don’t think this type of thing is okay. Do you?

After I finished reading this ad, I thought about sending this teacher an email, but I didn’t want to go around being the holier than thou police. I guess if I would have written this teacher an email it would have read as follows.

Dear [Teacher’s Name Here],

I am writing in regards to your craigslist ad. Shame on you for propagating cheating. Seriously, what happened to you that this is where your life has taken you? I need to know, it would probably make for a profound short story.


One Mean MFA