I’m No Communist

So this week the president of my senior class created a facebook group to see what kind of interest we might have in organizing a reunion. At first, I was excited. Oh yes, here we go. If asked about what my high school experience was like, I would have to say it was generally pretty good. While I was not skinny, popular, or considered hot by any stretch (the same is still true today), I was a top student academically, a band geek and theatre nerd and had a pretty solid group of friends that even after a decade out of high school still keep in contact with. I’m not talking shallow facebook contact, I’m talking I can call them up and ask them to crash and they’re cool with it. But now, a few days of idiotic posts on facebook and I’m thinking I may have to pass.

I graduated with a pretty large class; we were about 300 people (Don’t say that’s small, I went to one of the bigger schools in town. It was big for the area. I can already hear people saying, “Oh that is tiny, we had over a 1000 graduates.” Get over yourself). The thing is if I was punched in the face by a fellow classmate who was not popular, in AP classes, band, drama or anything else that one might consider nerdy I’d have no clue we went to school together. Seriously. I remember at graduation (I was one of the top ten in my class so we sat up front, graduated first, then waited) thinking who the hell are these people. This may seem horribly shallow, as I write this I’m starting to feel like any Amanda Bynes character in all her movies, but honestly I only hung out with people in my classes or extra curricular activities. I also was banned from all parties and was way too afraid of my father’s wrath to sneak out. (See Black Sheep for Father’s wrath).

Well as the week has progressed, the thought of seeing some of these strangers is really stressing me out. Imagine, the event hasn’t even been confirmed and I’m stressed. The facebook group has turned into a full on internet brawl. Christ. People are freaking out about where it’s going to be held, is the event going to be free (impossible dream), is there going to be alcohol? Oh my God. People are literally arguing via facebook; not to mention the abhorrent use of grammar, spelling, and capitalization. If I was the class president I would shut the group down, call a few sane friends, and not ask any of these crazies for input.

People are posting about going bar and club hopping. They want it to “Epic.”

Have these people not seen Romey and Michelle’s High School Reunion? or any sitcom television? Do they not know that a reunion is basically a wedding without the bouquet toss, clanging of silverware on plates, and floral arrangements. It’s supposed to be cheesy.

I am a relatively opinionated person, but ┬ámy problem is I don’t speak up. I would LOVE to help in planning this thing and am good friends with the president so I’ll probably say something to him, but I refuse to post anything on that facebook page. Nope. Won’t do it. Forget it. I will not engage the behavior.

As I see people posting, and watch a virtual drama unfold, I find it sad that after a decade people still act like they’re in high school Of course, high school never ends. Look around your workplace, the same cliques that existed at your high school exist at your workplace, but it is not so extreme. Unless, of course, you work at a high school then you know that high school teachers act just like high school students. It’s true, don’t try to argue it. More than anything, I really hope some sane (and classy) people try to organize this event.

Gathering the opinions of too many people is never a good idea–unless of course it’s for voting–I’m no Communist.

Really, I think what this boils down to is the that facebook should have remained an exclusive club for people with .edu addresses.

You miss those days, don’t even lie about it.