A Livable Space, Finally

So, I used to work at two schools. As of right now, I only have sections for the fall at one of the schools (the one I like better). Final exam at the school I hate (let’s call it the College Where We Nurture Our Students Instead of Teach Them –CWWNOSITT–okay that’s too long) was Thursday night. At the end of every semester my boss (who hates my teaching style because apparently I’m not sensitive enough) likes to meet with each of the instructors in the remedial program. At the meeting we discuss the semester, teaching pedagogy, and our growth as instructors. Well this semester I will not be driving an hour to and from this meeting.

I’ve been emailing my boss for about two weeks about summer sections and the only email I’ve received from my boss is about a student complaint. So yeah, I’m going to be a prissy little brat and not go to this meeting. On Thursday, after I had graded all the exams I put all the necessary materials into an interoffice mail envelope and drove out of the parking lot like the apocalypse was coming.

Now, I only have four sections to worry about (that’s right readers I taught six sections this semester). I spent today tidying up my apartment. As you know, I hate working in a mess. I’m pretty sure ┬ámy lack of productivity was in part because my apartment looked like a bomb went off all semester. For the first time since I moved in (December), my apartment is neat and clean–except for my workspace (irony much) which I will attend to once I’m done with the paper grading.

As I look around my little one bedroom haven, I’m relieved. I feel like I can now get my work done. I’ll be decorating (a first for me) starting on Friday. I have these beautiful art prints of famous book covers that I’ve been itching to frame and hang. Since my apartment is a big fat library, this decor will be appropriate. I’ll take some photos when I’m all done and show you my awesome space.

While I’m kind of freaking out that I don’t know where my June income is coming, it feels good to finally want to hangout in my apartment. It’s been way too long.

Maybe a party is order. By party I mean book club meeting.


Reality: Day 1

Woke at 5:30 this morning and actually got spinning on time. I was shocked and mildly pleased with myself for not thinking of an excuse when the alarm went off. I had prepared my clothes the night before, and didn’t stay up too late so waking up wasn’t too brutal. Currently, I’m crashing. I’m a bit tired and debating if I should take a nap, but am fighting the urge.

Next week classes start. I’m not even close to being ready, but whatever, I’ll be ready when the time comes. Today, I tried to do some wedding planning, but couldn’t get ahold of the people I needed to speak with so I’m guessing this a sign from the universe that I don’t need to wedding planning. Which, to be honest, is perfectly fine with me.

I could have easy put off getting into the new workout routine until next week, since that is when I’m back to work, but decided I better get into the grove of working out my new schedule this week. This being just one reason why I’m not napping right now. This time next week I’ll be teaching how to write a paper 101, yet again.

In October I was promise a literature course, which was opened, but it didn’t have enough students and was canceled. I had to take another rhetoric course. I was pretty bummed; I was so excited to be able to teach a lit course.

Since, I’m still not completely settled into my apartment, I have about 5-6 boxes of books left to unpack, shelves to install on the shelves and sometime this week I need to purchase a new file cabinet, I’m not so motivated. My apartment is a mess and I just don’t focus well in a mess. I’m hoping that when I stop over at Ikea today, I get luck with the file cabinet situation.

Starting off the semester with a messy apartment is not good for me. I’ll get so stressed out about the mess and not be able to focus, which is exactly what is happening right now. Instead of pumping out my syllabi, I’m typing the random thoughts that are floating around my head. Lucky you.

The holidays always seem to get me off track. I felt terrible that I skipped this month’s writing exchange with my girlfriend, but I’m ready for this Friday. I’m hoping this new schedule of teaching night classes forces me to be productive during the day since, I won’t be able to get my catch up work done at night. I also won’t be seeing much of FH this semester since we usually hangout for dinner. Bummer. I love him so much. At least, by this time next year we’ll be living together so I can come home and snuggle with him.

Well, since I don’t have an excuse to do nothing, I think I’ll drink one more cup of coffee–God I’m sleepy–and then get some work done.

Are you guys back to reality? How is it treating you so far? Are you back on track?