How to Make Fried Brain

We didn’t think she’d actually make us do it. I mean listening to twelve ten minute presentations is ludicrous. In fact there were rumors in the office that maybe she had wanted us to write them out so we could just hand them and discuss the readings. We all felt this was a logical lesson plan. Although, I do remember a few of us saying, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we have do them.”

Well, we were right. Class started and you know what she said, “Since we have so many presentations, we will write a reading response.”


So the good graduate students that we were took out paper and wrote for about 10 minutes, maybe more. After handing in this in that we began, each of us staring into nothingness, waiting to be next.

I was discussing what this class would entail with my other half. Here is a snippet of our conversation.

ME: So my class tomorrow night is going suck.

OH: Why?

ME: We have to listen to eleven presentations excluding ourselves

OH: How long are the presentations?

ME: Ten minutes.

OH: (in a surprised mixed with shock and appalled tone) How long is your class?

ME: Three hours.

OH: Jesus!

ME: Oh! And we also have to discuss three readings…I know.

The presentations started off fine. They were long, but relatively interesting. It was after about two of them that I started to look around the room and not really listen. I still had not presented and remembered the other part of my conversation with OH.

OH: You know what would suck? Being the first or the last presentation.

ME: Why?

OH: Well, the first person gets it over with but has the rest of the class to think about how they did and suffer through eleven presentations. The last person has to listen to all the presentations and will want to just get it over with.

So as the presentations went on (I should just call it torture, because that’s what it was) I realized, I hadn’t gone yet and there were only three people left. I had jinxed myself somehow. Or maybe my professor was punishing me. Finally it was my turn to go, I read and read for what felt like an eternity. I finished with a breath of relief, it was neither a gasp nor a rush.

When we were done it felt as if someone had battered my brain with eggs, flour and milk and deep fried it. So, if you’re looking to make good ole fashioned (it sounds more delicious with the “good ole fashioned”) deep fried brain then make your students, regardless of level, sit through that many presentations.