About One Mean MFA

This is a blog about the adventures of an MFA student and Teaching Assistant at a local state university, maybe even yours.

I am currently enrolled as a full time graduate student at a local state university. I am studying creative writing and am on the fiction track. I am also a teaching assistant who teaches incoming freshman the basics of writing a paper and MLA formatting, a class I like to call “How to write a paper 101.”

Mostly, I’ll be discussing the life of a grad student and the route of attempting to be a sucessful writer. After some careful deliberation I have decided that I will post some of my writing. While I will not post my thesis, which is a novel, I will occassionally post a poem or short story and maybe even installments of stories I am working on. I will also talk about overcoming the challenge of teaching and writing simulateously and occasionally I’ll be a random panda and write about whatever.

I welcome any and all feedback on all my posts. Please feel free to tell me my stories, poems, and whatever other work I post, sucks or (preferably) is brillant. I welcome comments, feel free to tell me your honest thoughts and opinions. Please comment comment comment! I want your feedback on everything. I just ask that you not write comments that are vulgar, racist, sexist, or derogitory and please don’t spam.  Let’s be polite, please. Because this is my writing space I reserve the right to delete and moderate comments, if so inclined.

I would also like to remind you readers out there, that any and all writing on this blog belongs to me, One Mean MFA.  It may not be used by anyone anywhere with my written consent.

Finally, Please check out Hi, Hello, Welcome to find out more.

Have email questions, please email me at  onemeanmfa @ gmail dot com

You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.




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