About One Mean MFA

When I started this blog, I began to chronicle my adventures as a full-time graduate student studying in an MFA program. Now, I’ve graduated, gotten married, taught high school, had a kiddo, and most recently left the classroom to focus on my writing.

In addition to the fullness of my life right now, I’m also working on getting a job in academia which, it seems, has suddenly been the focus of recent posts. I use this space to vent and explore ideas. Being a writer is lonely work and I’m just hoping this space fills a void for some you writers and teachers and people out there.

I welcome comments, feel free to tell me your honest thoughts and opinions.  I want your feedback. I just ask that you not write comments that are vulgar, racist, sexist, or derogatory and please don’t spam.  Let’s be polite, please. Because this is my writing space I reserve the right to delete and moderate comments, if so inclined.

I would also like to remind you, readers, out there, that any and all writing on this blog belongs to me, One Mean MFA.  It may not be used by anyone anywhere with my written consent.

Finally, Please check out Hi, Hello, Welcome to find out more.

Have email questions, please email me at  onemeanmfa @ gmail dot com

You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.



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