I Wish I was Exaggerating

For my students’ final exam, my students are writing a five paragraph, prompt-based, argumentative essay. The students knew before hand what they were going to be asked ( I know, I’m too nice) and could have easily studied by writing the essay at home as practice. Because of all the IEP, LEP, [insert acroynm here] rules, the students are give five hours to complete one exam.

I’ll wait while you clean up the coffee you just spit at your screen.

That’s right,  five effing hours to write five paragraphs.

Yesterday, I had a student who spent three hours writing the exam. I thought it was a bit excessive. Even with all that time, no one in my first group wrote an A paper. They used the 1st and 2nd point of view, had a ridiculous amount of rhetorical questions, AND didn’t use textual evidence which has literally been the focus of all my lessons for the past nine weeks.

Today, I had a student finish in four and half hours. I thought the students were going to kill him. If they had lasers for eyes, he would have exploded.

Still, this essay wasn’t an A essay either.

I don’t know where I’m going wrong.

On the bright side, I have 1 more exam to administer, 1 to proctor, and 2 work days. I also accepted a section to adjunct in the fall AND was told I’d be teaching honors next year. All in all, GREAT day.

Oh and I lost four pounds. Word.


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