Month: May 2012

The Never Ending School Year

Tomorrow is my last day of “instruction.” I’m totally pumped. Instead of giving a traditional review, I will be having my students write a practice essay. This will guarantee quiet for almost the entire day (and of course prepare them for their final–sheesh I’m not all bad). Friday finals will begin and summer will be here before you can say June 12th. 

It seems like this school year will never end. This is probably because mentally I think the semesters should go how they do in college. My summer won’t start until mid-June but I’ll tell you what, I’ve got big plans.

I’m not going to Europe or anything. This will be my first-ever summer of write and exercise. 

This is tentatively what I’m thinking my day will look like for the next two-three months.

Wake up





Does that not sound delightful?

I may alternate my reading with my writing. I don’t know. So many decisions. 

Regardless, this is the first summer, since my transition from high school to college, where I have absolutely no commitments to anyone but myself. Actually, even then I had commitments. I had a job and my parents. 

This summer I’ll be writing and working out. 

I hope you can see the big, toothy grin forming on my face.


Let Me Explain

Okay, so earlier today I said I thought I was going through a depression. While I won’t deny that I believe this to be true, I will say I probably shouldn’t have blurted it out to the internet. I don’t want the three people who know who I actually am to freak out.

Firstly, I blame for my mini-freakout. I was upset during my planning period and took one of their stupid quizzes. Turns out there is a high possibility that I’m depressed. Then again, I did break down into tears TWICE today for no reason. I have never felt so sad in my life. I will say, the one thing that doesn’t make me sad is my marriage. I have never, and will never, love anyone more than Husband. He is the one thing that makes me happy, and I feel so blessed to have Husband in my life.

I think this depression (oh great, here comes the tears) has been brought on my by my deep hatred for my job. I found out today that I may have to teach  an entirely new prep next year, I may not have a creative writing class, and I might have the shitheads again next year. I have begged for honors and AP sections, but apparently someone has to die first. I have never hated my students more than I do this year. Don’t even let me get into why this tenure/veteran teacher getting all the good classes as one of many reasons good teachers move on to other careers.

I actually dropped the F word in a high school classroom last week. And today I told them they needed to “get their sh*% together.” I’m better and more professional than this. I am embarrassed. I am also so sad. All the time, I feel sad. When I get into the parking lot, I just want to turn around.

There is a position available at the Catholic school, and I’m thinking of applying. I think I need to teach higher caliber students. My current school is a little too Title 1. The  more time I spend with my students the more I dislike them. It’s awful. I feel hateful and dark.

I can’t.

I will say there is a bright spot in all of this. Maybe I’m not cut out to teach high school English. I have recently looked into going to school for something new. It still involves teenagers, but it is a subject I’ve been interested in since the 8th grade. For 15ish years, I have loved this one thing and it is finally time to own it. I’m so sad that my parents don’t support the possiblity of my getting yet another degree, but Husband is so damn supportive and so tomorrow I’m meeting with the department chair at the local university about earning a bachelors of teaching in blank.

I have felt so empty all school year. There have been three things that have enabled me to make it through the last 9 months: Husband, my friends, and writing. I’m relived to have a supportive husband who is okay with me possibly spending the next 4 years as a student, again. I’m also really excited that I’m almost 30 and finally changing careers.

Being sad day in and day out has been too much. Thankfully, I don’t look to things like drugs and booze to get through life. I have supportive people around me (excluding my family) who understand that sometimes you have to change what you’re doing so you don’t burn your workplace down.

Off now to wipe my face. This crying business is lame.