False Alarm, Fire Alarm, Fudge

Today a student pulled the fire alarm sending shockwaves through the school. Since this occurred early in the day, the whole day has been a clusterf*ck-waste-of-time. The alarm keeps going off because they can’t reset it right. What a day.

So, as the principal got on the PA for the third time today gloating at having caught the culpret, I thought, “I too would like to pull the fire alarm.” I would then like to be a stowaway on one of the fire trucks that will inevitably arrive. They can take me away from this school where nothing gets done because there are too many interruptions and distractions.

Those red fire alarm pulls are so tempting. Seriously. Even the ink that comes pouring out of them, it’s all so sexy. Think about it. That kid, whoever he, sitting in jail or juvey, whichever, he’s going down as “the kid who pulled the fire alarm.”

Pulling the fire alarm in high school makes you a celebrity. He’ll return for his ten year reunion, there will be nostalgic jokes about the principal saying, “we caught the dummy.” Even I thought it was funny.

Still, I wonder if there is a deeper reason as to why this student pulled the fire alarm. It’s possible this child is simply a jackass, but it’s also possible they needed to create a distraction. Sometimes a distraction is necessary.

It makes me think about the story I’ve been working on. The story needs something with a pizzazz, like a fire alarm, arrest, and a joke.

Today’s been one of those days that I can’t figure it out.

We’re about halfway through the day, and I can’t tell which way it’s turning out. The M&Ms I’m about to enjoy are definitely making it better. Also, the 8 miles in my new Nikes is going to make it better. The one thing that’s been distracting me from being super teacher is the ueber amounts of excitement I have to be marrying FH in December. I seriously can’t contain myself. It’s the only thing I think about.

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