I should totally be putting grades into the gradebook, but instead I’m here.

This semester feels like the longest game of catch up. I just can’t get it together. And to make things worse, today, for the first time ever, I lost student work. I have never done that. I was running scantrons, which I put into a folder, went back to my classroom, got to my classroom with all the copies I made while I was grading the scantrons, but no scantrons. What the hell?

I’m about to lose it. I have emptied my file cabinent, gone back to the room where I graded the scantrons. Nothing. I don’t think my students will really notice or care, it’s just so effing lame and unprofessional.

This morning I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Last night there was some wedding drama. FH talked me off the ledge last night, but when I woke up I felt terrible and guilty even though the reason all the drama went down was not my fault.

I have been debating if I want to write a post about this. I’m totally having a Virgina Woolf moment where I wish I was totally independent so I could write about whatever the hell I want. I don’t want to write about it only to upset FH.

FH, if you read this, will you let me know if you’re cool with my writing about what happened last night?

This post has absolutely no direction. I have been wicked focused in the mornings this past week, but by afternoon it’s gone. I want to stay at work until all my grading is done, but my homework is due in the class I’m taking, I’m making burgers tonight, and frankly I’m sick of being at this desk doing work.

While I was making copies and losing student work, a colleague came into the planning room and we were talking.

“I just can’t seem to get caught up.”
“Well, there is a teacher workday coming up, you can get caught up then.”

What are the chances the entire day is taken up by mother-effing meetings?

Sometimes I feel like I work at Dunder-Mifflin and I do everything but my job–which I have to remind myself is to teach.

The wedding is coming up and my parents are coming up for a visit next week. I can’t wait. I miss them so freakin’ much. FH is so lucky to have his family close by.


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