I’m back…well sort of

I know, I know. I’m a terrible person. I haven’t written in ages. Shame on me.

I have been writing fiction for the first time in months and with all the other stuff going on (wedding, half marathon training, hunting for a new place for FH and I to live, and oh yeah– a full time effing job) I’ve been a bit preoccupied.

Teaching high school has been a big fat reminder that I’m a tenure track professor at heart. I’ve been so busy with lesson plans, meetings, and more meetings that I hardly have time to get anything done. I’m also very involved; I am a co-sponsor of the Creative Writing Club. And by co-sponsor I mean that I run and organize it all and the three other teachers get credit, none of whom actually attend any of the meetings. Still, I don’t really care because I’m basically running a workshop, which is what I love about being an MFA. I’m also band staff six hours a week after school.

I have never in my whole existence been this busy. Every minute seems to be taken up with something. I took my first ever mental health day on Monday. It was lovely. I went to Bikram Yoga for the first time (almost passed out), got some wedding stuff done (yay, we have limos and hotel rooms to stay in before the wedding) and felt refreshed on Tuesday.

As of late, the wedding hasn’t been stressing me out, my seriously lacking pay check, however, has. I am still being paid as a substitute (a whopping 70 bucks a day folks), and I’m busting my ass. I really have to order my garters, shoes, and under garments for the wedding but can’t. I did pass the required state exam (very stoked–it cost two hundred bucks and apparently no one passes the first time!) so I’ll finally be making teacher pay in November–hopefully sooner than that.

My dietician made an observation in our last meeting. She said, “One Mean MFA, your life seems to be coming together. You’re job, your getting married, you’re in the best shape of your life….” Of course, today this all came to a crashing halt. The principal of my school announced to the faculty that he was taking some baller position at the district and that the job starts in November. I wanted to cry. He was one of the best leaders I’ve ever had the pleasure to work for. He went out of his way to hire me. He could have easily hired a licensed teacher. Then when I didn’t have any technology in my room, he lent me his personal laptop for my classroom. He even came down to my classroom the day before my test to wish me good luck. The students love him, the staff loves him. He’s just one of the greats. I’m blaming my dietician for this one. Everything was going smoothly and then Buh-Lam.

Not that the principal leaving to better his career is this big awful thing, but I am being selfish and nervous that this will impact my job next year. While I don’t want to teach high school forever, there is something very nice about stability. I haven’t had it since like my sophomore year of high school, so yeah. I’ll take some stability right now. When spring rolls around, I won’t be so busy. I think I’m going to be inspired by Wide Lawns and her progress and bang out my memoir. She mentioned how she just had to get the book out of her system, and I get exactly what she means. It’s like it’s taking up space in my damn brain. Really lots of thoughts are.


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