Today is the first of four final exams I have to administer to my students. While I should have been (and be) grading their papers I instead worked on Thank You cards from FH’s and my engagement party and got the addresses ready to rock for the save-the-dates which will DEFINITELY go out tomorrow. I’ve wanted them out at the end of March the latest early April, but here we are pushing through May.

I’ve been stressed with the end of the semester. While I’m freakin’ out about the whole no income thing. It will be nice to have a small break from working. God-willing that break isn’t too long because they I’ll seriously lose whatever hair I have left on my head.

Did I mention that my hair has been falling out in clumps? My dietician says it might be a thyroid issue; I think it’s a holy crap I’m stressing issue.

Well, off I go to finish these papers and happily end the most horrible teaching year of my life. (Reflections to follow).


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