This is Why I Do Yoga

An email I received today:

I don’t know what is wrong with me but I do not feel good this evening. I was
here and was gonna tell you in person what is going on but you were busy with
your other class. If you could just email me back with what we are going over
tonight I would appreciate it. Sorry again.

How I’d like to respond,

Dearest Student,

I’d love to type up a 75 minute lesson. You must have read my mind on how I’d like to spend my few spare minutes this morning.

You are such a gem.

One Mean MFA

p.s. Really?

Actual response: ::behind a shit eating grin:: Please contact classmates for any notes.

Some days…..



  1. Directing the student to the syllabus appears the least confrontational solution in this common scenario but of course adopting a divisive attitude is the expected response on your side. When you learn that it’s not a question of us and them, you’ll have grown as an educator. But certainly don’t despair if you never reach that goal; few ever do. Be mean but why be an ass?

    1. Brent, you make a valid point. I always try to be respectful of my students. Instructors cannot expect to get respect if they do not earn it and give it to their students. I hope it is obvious that I didn’t actually tell my student off. I was simply wishing I could get away with it. A girl can dream Brent. A girl can dream…

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