Makin’ Copies (SNL style)

I don’t usually post twice in one day, but what I’m witnessing right now is too hilarious not to share. Not to mention if I don’t tell someone what I’m seeing I might explode.

The adjunct office where I work has a brand new photo copy machine. It’s so beautiful. It makes copies quickly and can do all kinds of neat tricks.

Currently, one of the faculty members is trying to make copies. She is a sweet lady, who speaks hardly any English. She also has no idea how to use the copy machine.

When first came into the office to make copies this afternoon, she accidentally told the machine to make too many copies. She stood in front of the machine while it made at least 30 more copies than she needed. She mumbled to herself in her native tongue, and pushed practically every button on the machine.

She continues to make copies, but isn’t clearing the previous job so she keeps making too many copies. She pushes the delicate buttons on the machine with such force. No wonder the machine is retaliating and making extra copies.  This is hilarious, because the department keeps complaining that there is never enough paper in the machine.

There are signs all over the copy machine that tell the faculty to send big copying projects to the print shop and not use up all the paper in the machine. The signs were printed on a dark red paper. They are taped to the trays that hold the paper, the front the copy machine, the wall directly in front of the copy machine, and on the laser printer tray.

This is why I use Blackboard. I hardly ever make copies and it makes my life so easy. I also feel like I’m helping Mother Earth. Recently, I was discussing my love of Blackboard and how it was environmentally friendly and my coworker (an older, very conservative member of the faculty) stated that online posts and being paperless wasn’t environmentally better because of the energy output to post work online. I had to refrain from dying of laughter), but I digress.

Anyway, I feel bad for this lady making copies. I think she’s finally figured out the machine.

Nope just kidding. The machine is now misfeeding and it’s out of paper. She is taking the paper out of the printer tray–hence the reason for the red signs.

Maybe I should stop writing about this, and help this woman out.

This is why there is a room reserved in hell for me.


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