Get it Together, Woman

So, after another week of conferencing, it feels so good to be back on schedule. This morning I went to spinning and after having 6 days off of an already tough workout, this morning was especially challenging.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have really been struggling getting my act together this semester. I moved into my new apartment in mid-December and I’m still not fully unpacked. I can’t get into a cleaning routine, and my eating, workout, and writing schedule are all out of whack. Have you been struggling to get it together?

For whatever reason, I’ve decided to blame this winter weather and all its snow days. The semester got off to late start, and so now I’m all messed up. My “to do” list just for today is brutal. Of course, instead of getting on it, I’m sitting here typing away on WordPress. I feel like if I do a little bit of pleasure writing, I will be able to focus on the more crappy stuff, like reading rough drafts, and grading grammar quizzes.

I feel like if I don’t get my s*$t together I’m in for an even more horrible end of semester. Seriously, what the hell is the matter with me.

Not only have been slacking in the teaching department, I’ve been pretty terrible at wedding planning. I did, however, book a venue¬† this weekend so at least that is done.

Since, I’ve been sucking at life, I’ve decided it time to devote myself to a schedule. My workout schedule is pretty awesome, so I won’t be touching that. It got a bit messed up because of the conferencing but now, since I’m back home I’ll be able to really focus on being a hot and fit bride (I really want my arms to look Michelle Obama good for the wedding).

I’ve established a schedule where 4 days out of the week will be focused on teaching, and one day will be devoted to wedding planning. Of course, writing time is built-in. My major concern is that if I don’t get organized, my novel will not get revised, bridesmaid dresses will not be picked out, and my students will never get graded.

Since I’m establishing a schedule for my life, I feel the same thing is necessary for this blog. Do you all have any suggestions? I’m thinking of posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Of course, should I feel inspired, I may post on other times, but I really want to establish a writing schedule for this space. I’ve already been more active on Twitter, and Facebook so please friend and follow me. I promise to follow you back. We can have writerly conversations all over the internet. Get excited.

Please post suggestions in the comments section.

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