Christmas 2010

Two days ago, I was feeling pretty grinchy. My father was being stubborn, my mother was stressing me out with the wedding plans, and I had already spent way too much time with family. Oh, I also hadn’t bought a single Christmas present for anyone. In fact I still have a couple of people left to shop for, but thankfully I’m seeing them after Christmas so I’m not worried.

Well, on the 23rd, I was grouchy and grinchy lady. Last night, I enjoyed a beautiful meal with my very close family. It was nice to spend time with Black Sheep sister–back story may come in another post. She and my father don’t get along, in fact she was the reason he was being stubborn. My other sister and I had to practically beg him to invite her for the meal. I was feeling low on Christmas spirit, and I’m not exactly one to have a ton of it already. I  so prefer Easter to Christmas. I know, I’m weird. Any way, it was a nice evening, and we’re on our way to mass, and will return for more eating.

Still, I have to say, I won’t be jotting Christmas 2010 as a favorite, or one that will stick out in my memory. Regardless, it was good to see everyone.

I’m relieved that I’ll be heading back to the FH and my apartment on Wednesday. I decided, as I was driving around town today finishing up my Christmas shopping–what? the sales are so good!– that I have a hard time with the holidays because I really enjoy “me time” and when I’m home I’m saturated by family and friend time.

I can’t wait to snuggle up with the FH in my cozy apartment, in front of the fire-place.

Well, I need to finish wrapping presents for my friends that I’ll be seeing on Tuesday.

How would you rate your Christmas 2010?

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