Home for the Holidays

When you live alone your space is generally peaceful. I truely enjoy living alone because it’s often nice and quiet.

When I come home, I realize how quickly I’ve forgotten that the family I come from is so loud.

I also forget how much old people bicker.

Maybe it’s old married couples, or maybe it’s just my parents. Regardless, I so hope I don’t become an old cranky lady who bitches and yells at her husband. I also hope FH doesn’t become a grouchy old man who bickers with me.

If I didn’t have so much wedding planning to do, I would still be in my peaceful apartment.

As is always the case when I’m home, I eagerly look forward to the return to my cute little apartment, which now has a quaint, little fireplace.

Are all of you home for the holidays? How do deal with all the yelling? Or are you all lucky enough to have families that don’t shout at each other.


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