Insert Title about Moving Here

Tomorrow is the last day of regular classes before the semester ends. I’m thorough thrilled because once I move into my new apartment (which will happen this weekend), I will finally have some time to get some grading done.

I shamefully admit that moving has taken a huge chunk out of my workout time, and I feel like a disgusting slob who is going to look like fat bride (in a year) if I don’t my butt in gear. I’m so grateful that I get the keys to my new place on Friday so I can get this moving party started.

My old lease ends on Tuesday of next week, so hopefully by Sunday I can have everything in the new place and be unpacked by Monday. I unpack wicked fast.

While I’m excited to have a new place (kind of), there are some things I will miss about my old apartment. For one, I have built-in bookshelves at my old apartment and I only needed one book shelf. Because my new place doesn’t have any built-ins I’m going to need to buy bookshelves. I’m totally bummed about this. As much fun as it is to spend hours at Ikea, and dream about what your apartment could look like, I simply cannot not afford to be buying furniture. Also, this may seem foolish but whatever, I feel like buying bookshelves is silly because eventually The Boyfriend (when he’s my husband) and I will have a house/place together and buying  furniture seems like a waste. In fact, this is the main reason why I never bought any bedroom furniture.

I do need to take my books out though, I am always digging through my books. My books are totally employed. I use them regularly. I sift through them, read favorite sections of my favorite books, use them in my teaching. My books don’t just sit on the shelves and look fabulous, in turn making me fabulous. I put my books to work. So, I will need a place to put them.

I guess, I can always sell whatever furniture I don’t need when I finally have a house with The Future Husband (maybe that should be what I call The Boyfriend from now on–FH?–What do you think?).

The best thing about moving, I think, is purging. Yesterday, I got rid of old shoes, some clothes, and just stuff that I don’t need or want I did find some stuff that I’ll try to sell when I move, but getting rid of some of the stuff that I don’t need is nice.

I try so hard to be a minimalist, but then I do have about 15 boxes of books, so I guess I’m not so good at that. I also have 2 boxes of DVDs. I think this is why I’m so resistant to buy furniture and drawers and those plastic Tupperware things to get organized. I know I won’t be living in this new place for longer than a year, and everything that goes in to that place, has to come out. It’s just best not to have too much stuff.

There is one caveat, I desperately want to decorate this apartment. I know I can’t really afford it, but I would like this new space to be more pleasant and homey. I do, however, think that spending money on this apartment is foolish. I mean, what if I don’t want to use the same items to decorate, then I’ve bought stuff for nothing.

I don’t know. It seemed fine in my last place, that I didn’t decorate. I think I can handle another year of nothingness on the walls.

We shall see.

Maybe if I had some tips for how to decorate, with antique/vintage stuff, on a budget I’d feel better.



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