Viruses, Bacteria, and Germs! Oh My!

So over the past few weeks I’ve noticed my students coming to class sick. They come in with tissues, cough drops, sweat pants. I warn them early in August when they are fresh as daisies and illness free to not come to class sick and infect us, but they don’t listen.

Yesterday, I noticed a tickle in my throat and blamed it on my being a human who talks to much. I went on a vocal rest, hit the sack and work up this morning with a drippy nose and eyes that were burning.


I’m struggling to be alive and desperately want to cancel classes tomorrow so I can rest up, but that is not going to happen.

This week is the last week of classes and thank God. I’m ready to trade in this batch for the next semester group. I’m looking forward to pumping out new syllabi and reading two novels over break. I’m also excited to start the wedding planning.

On Monday the Boyfriend and I (he doesn’t like the word fiance) are meeting with the priest. I’m hoping this will be step one in getting the date set. I can’t do anything without a date.

I hope drinking tea and not eating (the thought of food makes me want to die) will help me get better.


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