To Be Graded

Below you see one of my to do’s for the weekend. The other is to have all my job applications ready to be sent out by Monday. Oh, I also need a brilliant Halloween costume idea. I wanted to be a Grammar Nazi but realize that is mildly inappropriate. It’s a shame we have to politically correct all the time. Lame.

Did I mention I’m heading to the Jon Stewart Rally? I’m leaving Friday. I can’t wait. I haven’t left town in a while, and D.C. will be a nice change of pace.

I wish this was a joke, but I seriously need to all of these by Monday because I’m getting a stack of them on Monday.

How ridiculous is this? I don’t know about you, but sometimes it seems never-ending. This semester has been particularly rough with trying to get it all done. Not enough hours in a day.

I know this is terrible and trite, but I am deeply concerned about what I’m going to for Halloween. Wasn’t I supposed to grow out this costume dress up phase around 12? Oh well. As always ideas welcome.
Back to the endless stack of papers.

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