How to Contain My Thoughts

My brain is on overload. I’m not particularly enjoying the holiday weekend…actually more like today. I’m indoors working on teacher stuff and this enormous blogging project. Except, instead of just focusing on the teacher stuff I’m having this urge to do something spontaneous.

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about what life would be like in an enormous city–like New York, Boston, LA, Chicago. I keep thinking I’d like to live in one of these huge cities. I know it would be insane to drop everything and move, but I also think it might a fun adventure. While, I’m too broke to be adventurous, these thoughts have been consuming me.

The thing is, I love the city I currently live in. It’s lovely. The people are great, and having a same-city boyfriend is fantastic. But…I don’t know.

It’s possible the school year was thrust my way, and because I’m was not nearly ready for it I’m getting this strange itch. Maybe, I just need to go on trip somewhere different. I haven’t been on a trip to anywhere new in a long time.

I’ll be saving my money.

Being spontaneous only works when you have cash flow.

2010  has been one tough year for cash flow.

Anyone else out there getting the spontaneous bug?


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