Rearranging Furniture

As I mentioned earlier, I am working on setting up a small office space in my apartment. Below you’ll find my current office space as well as the corner of the apartment I’ll be turning into an office space. Please help a sister out with some suggestions. The boyfriend is helping me build the desk this evening. By helping me build the desk, I mean I’ll be watching as he does most of the work. Love you boyfriend! 

Yeah, this is my current office space. Jealous?


The boyfriend and I can’t eat here because it’s always being monoplized by papers. I would love to be about to eat here. It’s a good table. 

This is the future space for my "office."


I can’t decide if I need to move the keyboard or not. I am getting rid of the file cabinet because the drawers are busted, but I do need something for my files. I’ll probably just get another one that actually works. 

Any ideas on how to make this a really good functioning office space?


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