Sorry guys!

First off, I’m deeply sorry I haven’t been writing. Recently my computer got a virus–I still can’t figure out how because I don’t open weird emails and I don’t click on ads. I feel completely handicapped by this recent event but what can I do.

More than anything I am relieved this didn’t happen when I was thesising because if it had I would have had a complete meltdown. I can’t afford a new one so currently the bf has graciously let me use his.

I’ve been using my Kindle to stay connected, at least with emails, but it’s slow, and kind of annoying.

I’ve finished writing my syllabus for my class that I start teaching in the fall. Today I’ll be working on the guidelines for their papers and a blogging project I’m considering for them. Should be interesting.

I’ll hopefully have a functioning computer soon. Miss you guys!


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  1. I totally sympathise. My computer got stolen last year, and I was in a state of computerlessness. I had some help from some friends and the loans of computers saved my life. I’m back online as I managed to get a computer of my own again.

    Good luck with the computer situation. I hope it’s fixable. However, consider your options – used (someone selling), someone you know getting rid of their computer for a new one, university office throwing out last years’s model, or getting a new one for whatever budget you have. Most of what’s on a computer is totally unnecessary for writing, but it’s still an important tool as it is the best means for word processing, printing drafts and manuscripts, and doing internet-related things.

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