Fireworks With a Side of Ignorance: Delish

Without getting too personal I’d like to tell you about my Forth of July. The boyfriend and I went to a party that was hosted by one of his “co-workers.” I say “co-workers” because the boyfriend works in a sport and they are more like teammates than co-workers I guess. Any way, we arrived and it was really laid back and the setup for the party was great. The boyfriend’s teammate had tents set up to provide shade and even rented a port-a-potty to prevent his likely intoxicated guests from making a mess in his house. Dude was prepared.

The host was really into The Forth and had purchased about $2000 in fireworks and even rigged them together so that all he had to do was light one fuse and then enjoy the fireworks. It was great to watch he and friends set it up. Luckily he lives in a cul-de-sac so he set up three huge pieces of plywood, which later caught fire. , in the center of the cul-de-sac so everyone on his street could see the show. The boyfriend and I watched as the host drank from a beer bong, then played beer pong, and then set up fireworks. As we left the party the boyfriend and I kept saying to each other it was a miracle no one was injured. The fireworks, though probably the very illegal kind, were great. I’m sure people in the neighborhood thought they were the city fireworks.

While the drinking games were going on the boyfriend and I sat with some of his friends and shot the breeze. Because everyone and their mother seems to be engaged or married, including a recently engaged couple we were sitting with, marriage was an obvious topic of conversation. Frankly, I’m so over hearing about marriage because I’m obsessed with getting married and can’t wait for the boyfriend to propose. We’ve been dating for five years in October and I’m ready. I’m overly anxious about it, and when I hear commercials on the radio for diamonds or see commercials with couples getting engaged I find myself eagerly changing the channel. I’m so tired of thinking about it, I know the boyfriend will ask me when he’s ready, but I’m ready!  So when we sat down and the first thing we started talking about was marriage I found myself closing off and not saying much.

I have very strong feelings about marriage, but I don’t go spouting them off at parties. Just like I keep my political and social beliefs to myself. Anyway the anti-Catholic spouting and the beliefs that this group of people felt about marriage was really making me itch and I watched as my boyfriend was smirking at me when I was using all the muscles in my body to keep my mouth shut. 

Don’t get me wrong, everyone I’ve met that is part of this sport’s culture is super friendly and great, it’s just plain ole ignorance that is my issue. I was grateful that the sun was setting and the fireworks were underway before I was forced to school a party of people about Catholicism.

I did have a great time, aside from that thirty minutes of torture.

The thing is when I talked to my mom about it–I should note my mother is what Jim Gaffigan would describe her as a “Shiite Catholic”–she seemed disappointed that I kept my mouth shut. I explained to my mother that schooling a party of people about the Catholic faith would have been completely inappropriate.

Anyway, the thing I took away from this was that fireworks really have a way of bringing people together and that social, religious and political discussions really should remain at the dinner table only during Thanksgiving.


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