I’m officially an M.F.A.

It hasn’t sunk in yet. It probably will hit me when I’m walking across the stage.



    1. Thanks Seth! You know I’ve been thinking about this for about a week, maybe longer. I know I’d like to share some of my writing, though I’m a bit weary about my original work being on the internet floating around for just anyone to see, especially since being published is really important in the world of academia. I do want to discuss some of the issues with the job hunt and the current market (a post forthcoming). But right now I know that the job hunt has taken over my writing time and that needs to change. I did this masters program so that I would have the foundation necessary to be a successful writer and when I don’t do any writing I get upset with myself. A writing schedule has been a huge issue for me since day one and I think now that I don’t have school to interfere there are no more excuses. NONE. I’ve exhausted them all. So to answer your question about what I’m going to do with the site, I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll think of something. Keep a lookout for posts, there will definitely be some.

    1. Yeah, I think I’ll probably do that too. I’m pretty sure people want to read about the incredible lasgna I’m making for the Boyfriend. I’m pretty sure this might be the clincher. He he!

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