Lack of Interest

I’m looking a t my finished rough draft and the assignments my chair has provided me that are due. Past due really. I realize that something happened when I finished my rough draft. I totally lost interest in my thesis.

Graduating is the only thing keeping me from just ignoring it. I’m also the kind of person who finishes projects. I hate unfinished projects, they are like big stones resting on your back.

Anyway, I’d love some suggestions for getting motivated to just get it done.¬† Please help.



  1. I just turned in a draft that I hate and that bored me to death while writing it. I realized that it’s because it’s the first time I made changes not because I thought they were the best, but because my professor thought they would be, and it would help me graduate. Big mistake.

    So take a look at your story, and make sure your loss of interest isn’t because you stopped writing your story in favor of your professor’s story. In my view, a good chair/supervisor doesn’t tell you to write what THEY think is good, but helps find exactly what it is YOU want to say and the way you want to say it, and acts as a mirror to this. It might seem like a shortcut to just change a few things here and there, but it could be the reason for your lack of interest. Good advice doesn’t always mean the “right” advice.

    If this is not the reason, then hmm… the best I can say is to try to get back to the basics of why you wanted to tell this story… the core of the characters, how they affect each other, and how telling this story made you feel, and what you want others to feel and see. Stick to the fundamentals.

    It’s possible, like a friendship or relationship, that sometimes it’s just over and you really can’t force it anymore. But I guess you have to for a while, for the sake of the kids (lol?) Though I would definitely re-examine the first reason I gave, just in case. Sorry for my post being longer than yours.

    1. Thanks for the comment Seth. I have to say I’m lucky to have a thesis chair who doesn’t give overbearing comments. My professor is very good about letting me write what I want and encouraging my creativity. I think I’m just bored with my project.

      I have a classmate who writes flash fiction but is also working on a novel for his thesis and he calles flash fiction fun fiction. He says writing those short pieces helps him stay interested in the larger project. I think I’m going to try it. I have short story brewing in the back of my brain.

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