Effective Use of Time

Here is the thing: I am a time waster. I am so good at it, I should consider employment in wasting time, running the clock, loafing. I don’t know how it happens but I’ll be in the middle of nothing important and I’ll look at the clock and the afternoon or morning has passed. I set my alarm extra early this morning so I could take my time waking up. I wanted to have a half hour to facebook, check out the news, and write this post. Once I post this I’ll begin the hardcore writing that I should have been doing all winter break, but now that the deadline is getting closer and closer I see that I really need to buckle down.

But once I start the hardcore writing I wonder how efficient the time use will be. I plan on writing for about two hours, take an hour-long Ikea trip break, return and get back to it for another two-hopefully-three hours. My goal is to not get distracted and feel I need to reorganize something or make a list or whatever else I do that enables procrastination. This should probably be some kind of resolution but I’ve never been successful with resolutions. I think it’s more important to make the decision to change and actually change regardless of the day the calendar claims it is.

Let the marathon begin.


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