Week Four: Write Everyday or Else

This experiment so far has taught me a lot about myself. The main thing I’ve learned is that I work best when the deadline gets closer. I have a little over two weeks to really write, and knowing that the time is getting cut short I’m starting to really focus. I’m getting a bit nervous because even though I’m not at home with my crazy family I’m still distracted. I live so close to Ikea and it’s killing me that I’m not done furnishing my apartment.

Today though is my first day on my schedule. Since I’m still unemployed I’m trying my best to find a job and write. Although I’m thinking after today, which was a long day of pounding the pavement and cooking, I’m going to hold off on the job hunt until this thesis is finished. I know money is important and all to survive, but I need to graduate. This student status has gotten old.

I’m at the home stretch and frankly, while a job is really important, as is furniture, I really just want to get this thing done so I can stop worrying about it. I have a substitute teaching orientation in three weeks and while that is a ways away it still falls in the time slot of after my thesis is due. I deliberately saved money for a situation like this and so Tuesday-Saturday will be all day writing sessions. There will be paper and coffee everywhere.

The way I’m looking at this next two weeks is like this: I can see the finish line and I’m a bit behind so I need to sprint. Let’s just hope I don’t get bitten by the turf monster, fall on my face, and have to postpone graduation.

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