Week Two: Write Everyday or Else…

Last week went pretty well. I didn’t write everyday, but I did work on my thesis everyday, whether it was rereading what I wrote to comment on my draft, or actually trucking through the draft. The first half of the week was much more successful than the last half of the week into the weekend. It was difficult to work at the airport and then at my boyfriend’s house, but I tried.

This week, I believe will be just as challenging. In a few hours my boyfriend and I will be loading up the U-haul and tomorrow morning we head back to his neck of the woods. So basically if I want to get any writing done I have to do it this evening. Then tomorrow we’ll be driving all day. Eleven hours. Writing is very unlikely tomorrow. Wednesday I’ll be unpacking and running around getting build it yourself furniture and probably a quick trip to the grocery store.  I think if I bust my butt really hard on Wednesday morning by Wednesday evening or afternoon  I should get a few hours of work in.

So basically Thursday is the only day I have to write a lot because on Friday I have to drive back home for a wedding on Saturday. I plan on waking up early to work on the thesis on Saturday since the wedding doesn’t start until 7.

I’ll be staying home through Christmas and plan to work on my thesis at Barnes and Noble because they have free wi-fi. Then either the 26th or 27th I’ll head back to my new apartment. This will be the end of the long distance relationship. The boyfriend and I will finally be living in the same zip code!

This new living arrangement I’m sure will be a new challenge in the quest to get the novel completed but I have total faith in my will and vision. I have always been the kind of person who when she puts her mind to something, nothing can stop her.

Should be an interesting few days. Today is day one of what my boyfriend is calling “Operation move —– to ——–.”


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