Day one of my 6 week intense writing session went well. Because my parents’ house is too chaotic for me to concentrate in, I packed up my laptop and headed to Barnes and Noble, where they have free wi-fi. It was great. In between the writing session I took a brief break to catch-up with an old girlfriend.

I felt a pinch cliché sitting at a Barnes and Noble in their Starbucks writing, but then I thought about the town I grew up, where my parents still live I decided it’s probably considered more cliché in a huge city where art thrives. The town my parents live in does not have thriving art work.

It’s your average American town where many kids from high school try out the community college with the goal of getting out, but end up taking 6 years to get an AA. This is the kind of town where for the most part if you go to the mall you’re very likely to see at least one or two persons you know. I love it here, but I’m glad I was able to escape. For some, it’s very difficult to be successful here.

My boyfriend is from a town that is very similar to this, except his town is about 3000 miles on the other side of the country. What I’ve learned is that regardless of coast the towns we  are from are not exclusive to us.

Anyways, that’s why  I didn’t feel as cliché and will be doing more of the same today. Hopefully today it won’t be so difficult to find an outlet for my computer.

Also, regardless of the clicheness ( I know it’s not a word) my thesis needs getting done. Wish me luck!

Goal: To bang out two pages more than I did yesterday. Just two. Very doable.


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