Week One: Write Everyday or Else…

Well now that the semester has come to a close, I handed in my last paper early, and input my grades, I’m given an extra week to simply focus on my thesis. This next month promises to be chaotic. Yesterday, I moved out my apartment by school and drove my stuff to parents house, which is an hour away. Because I own 12 boxes just of books, I had to make two trips. Needless to say, yesterday was tiresome.

I think my boyfriend’s excitement that I’m going to be moving has got him hyped up. He’s flying me up in order to escort him to a semi-formal work Christmas thing then we’re driving to my parent’s house to load up the U-Haul only to head back to his city. After a brief unpacking, I’m headed back down to my parents’ place. I have a wedding to attend, I’ll stay through Christmas, then I drive back up to live permanently. Whoa.

All the while, my completed rough draft is due the week of January 14th. I’m a little less than halfway through my novel, so this month we learn if this chick can bang out a novel in about 6 weeks. This deadline is if I want to graduate in Spring, which I do. I’m quite tired of the student life.

While, I’m quite nervous about getting it done because of all the traveling and the insane atmosphere at my parents’ house with the renovations, my mom’s chemo, and oh! I forgot to tell you all, my other sister moved back in and her life is quite the wreck. I’m  sure this holiday season promises to aid in some short story/essay material for my post novel-writing days.  I think this month will be a true test of my writerly passion. I’m going to be forced to write EVERYDAY, which is what all great writer’s do. I’m ashamed to admit, I don’t do this.

I’ve never written every day because I’ve always had excuses, well now there is no excuse, I’m not taking any classes, I don’t have papers to grade, hell I don’t even have a job (another post on that to come later I’m sure). There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t write everyday. It will still be tough, because my mom is sick, and I want so desperately for her to be able to heal in a clean house which isn’t cluttered. We shall see how this all turns out.

In an attempt to chronicle my progress every Monday I’ll post on the issues of writing everyday, and how far I’ve gotten in my thesis by Monday, January 11th, I’d like to have a starter sentence that reads: “This week I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my completed thesis rough draft.”

This next 6 weeks I have to write everyday. I’m hoping it’s what gets me in the groove to continue to do it even after my thesis is completed.

I’ve heard that when starting to exercise regularly it takes 6-8 weeks to see results. Well this month I start a new exercise program for my mind and I’m hoping at the end of the 6 weeks I’m transformed into a devoted writer.


  1. “I’m going to be forced to write EVERYDAY, which is what all great writer’s do. I’m ashamed to admit, I don’t do this.”

    I’ve decided this mentality holds me back. I simply can’t write everyday. I never will, I don’t think. I was reading something pretty funny by someone — I wish I could remember — where they joked about how little writing they actually do in the four hours they tell people they write daily. This was a well known writer, but I just can’t remember who.

    I know that someday I will probably write daily, but for the time being, I’ve stopped getting frustrated with myself for not doing so. And, I’ve taken Roy Peter Clark’s writing rule number 41 as gospel: Turn procrastination into rehearsal. When my hands refuse to type, I can walk in circles and genuinely rehearse, really think about what I am doing with a story/essay, really consider my options, and actually make use of the time instead of repeating, over and over, “I’ve got a lot of things I need to do!”

    I know how you feel with this winter break. I just turned in my last essay of the semester — although I still need to grade a few very short things and then do all the math and add student grades and enter them — and I’m hoping I can make my empty four weeks as effective as possible.

    1. John, thank you for the comment. I am told repeatedly that it is necessary to write everyday, and I have gone about a month of writing everyday and it is great. I believe it is important to fight through the frustration. Also, I’m writing everyday to make a deadline. If I didn’t have a deadline who knows how often I’d write. I also would like to get in the habit and this is my chance.

      Best of luck with the end of the semester.

      Best of luck

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