Coursework: Check!

So, I’m done. I have written my last academic paper for graduate school. It felt so good walking over to my professor’s office to turn it in. Of course he wasn’t there, so I put it in his mailbox and it was like a release. I wanted to yell and shout: I’M DONE!

In case I forgot to mention it, my program is a three year program and when I graduate in spring I’ll have completed in it a record two year period. While, I’m an overly competitive person, I didn’t rush through the program because I want to be the first M.F.A. to finish in two years; instead I’m trying to finish it so I can move on.

Living like a grad student is fun for like a year, but when you’ve had a real paycheck then a get a grad student stipend its a tough adjustment. Plus, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get married until I had at least a masters degree and well, I’m ready to at least start planning  a wedding. I’m going to have wait until my boyfriend proposes, and of course I’ll keep you all posted on that. I’m so ready though. It’s such motivation to get my work done. So are those applications to be a professor.

While my thesis is still yet to be completed, right now all I can think is that I’m done writing papers. I finally get to write my fiction. No more excuses.

I am DONE!


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