The Job Hunt Begins

Okay so I’m currently working on getting job stuff ready for when I graduate. Deadlines to apply for professor positions end around November 1st and that is soon than I think most of us realize. October is about to bang down the door and November is creeping along, getting ready to surprise us with Thanksgiving and the end of fall. Jeez that is stressful to think about. So in an attempt to not miss any deadlines for job applications I’ve started working on my CV (curriculum vitae). Once I finish procrastinating by posting, I’m going to outline a cover letter for a job I saw posted on MLA’s job list–the only one I’m qualified for as of right now.

I’m a bit stressed about this cover letter because here’s the thing, it’s a document that has to be perfect and has to sell you to the department. While that may be easy for some, it also has to show that you are qualified and convince the hiring committee to request an interview with you at MLA.

So because the job I’m applying for seems to be looking more teachers versus scholars (you’ll know when you read the job description they use certain words that indicate one over the other) I’ll be using my cover letter as a means to highlight my love of teaching versus my hatred of grading papers.

When I’m done and hopefully in a few months after I’ve sent it to the school, I’ll let you guys know if I get an interview and of course chronicle that whole process. I don’t know how hopeful I should be at getting called for an interview. I know it’s so competitive and all and I don’t want to get my hopes up because I will then be crushed when nothing manifests.

For now, I’m going to write this thing, have my professors read and reread the revisions of it to be sure that they would hire me. Once that is settled then I’ll try to forget I ever sent it out, and move along on my thesis. Still I know I’ll be thinking about it, daily. I know this because I sent out some work for publication in June and haven’t heard anything and I am going bananas wondering if I am going to published. 

I will also visualize myself being interviewed and eventually visualize myself getting the campus invitation and then visualize getting the job. I can see it now, Professor [insert my name here]. I love it!



  1. Over the years I have seen hundreds of CVs and cover letters for my day job (lawyer-for my sins which must be many). I understand the pressure you are feeling to write the perfect cover letter. However, in my view the best thing you can do is keep it simple. Ask yourself what is it that you are trying to say and just say it in a clear and straight forward way.
    Write out a list of the key points you want to raise and that forms the basis of the letter structure. Then draft the letter maintaining your focus on these issues. By the end of the process you will have produced an excellent letter that will have serious impact.
    I may be saying what you already know, but I hope you find my suggestions helpful.
    Above all else-good luck!!!


    1. I do find it helpful. Thank you.

      My professors have been telling me that since I’m a “creative writing” person I need to be creative with my cover letter, but you know I’m much more of a straight forward person. Even my thesis, which is slowly getting finished is a straightforward kind of story. It’s not overly stylized, it’s just a story. While that may be a flaw, I’m coming to terms with this being how I write.

      I feel the same way about the cover letter. I think if I’m honest and straightfoward about why I deserve the job and why I am qualified for it, I will be more sucessful with it, versus usuing stylized writing that is not a true representation of myself. In the end I’m a big believer that honesty is the best policy.

      Thanks again for the advice and the comment.

      I am debating posting the cover letter (of course I’ll edit out any institutions and information that will reveal my identity –that sounds so 007 fo me). I’m thinking abou it.

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