No Pressure

The fall semester before graduating with a masters is a bitch. Not only do you need to bang out a thesis (in my case I’ve decided to work on a novel) but you’ve got to start applying for jobs.  Jobs that aren’t available until the following fall. That is how long it takes to get a job in this elite world of Academia.

Working on my CV: a document I’m told can have not one error on it. We’re talking the commas, the fonts, everything has to be perfect, is beginning to stress me out. According to my employed professors, CV’s must be perfect because getting jobs at universities is so competitive that Departments hiring are looking to get rid of any applicants. So if your doesn’t stand out, guess what you’re done, they put you in the reject pile and it’s over. That means even if you’re awesome, if you picked the wrong paper, the wrong font, and put a wrong comma somewhere you can forget a job. NO PRESSURE.

Because of my short time as a writer my publications section (the section that is supposed to be the most important) is lacking. I’ve got one solid, impressive publication and one other that is okay. Still I have to hope that the jobs that I can apply for will like what little they see and say yeah we’ll go out on a limb with this chick.

I’m also a bit nervous because the CV is one of those documents where the longer the better, well mine is currently at two pages. That is so sad. I guess working on this document is a reminder to send my writing out there. Rejection letters, here we come.

I will say, having been on the job hunt before, that succeeding, getting the job happens when you’re confident. And guess what? I am. I’m great teacher and any university would be lucky to have me on staff as a professor. This will be my mantra as I hunt for a job. Say it with me future professors of America. I’m a great teacher and any university would be lucky to have me on staff as a professor. One more time…


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