Dear Kayne, You’re a Prick

I admit that I am reacting to the VMA’s. I love pop music and pop culture. So I write the follow letter to Kayne West who has proven that his arrogance has over taken his ability to act like a civilized human being among the rest of us.

Dearest Kayne,

You asshole. What is your problem? Can’t you let a young American Sweetheart like Taylor Swift enjoy her moment?  I’m sure the first time you won your first VMA there were other artists who disagreed with you as the winner, but they let you speak, they let you finish and enjoy the moment. Now, forever in history, Taylor Swift’s moment has been overshadowed by your keen ability to be a flaming dick.

Not to mention you totally embarrassed Beyonce who, it seemed, wanted so badly to pull you off the stage. She knows how to not accept an award with Grace. Capital G! You, instead, are just an arrogant ass.

You should be embarrassed by your behavior. I hope you apologize.




It feels good to get that off my chest. Also, Taylor Swift, you’re a class act.


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