A Shout Out

I’m working on commenting on student papers, and in order to tune out my roommate and her horrible television taste I’ve started listening to classical music with my head phones blasting (and yes I know I shouldn’t listen to music loud, but she puts the TV so freakin’ loud and I’m upstairs, with my door closed and she’s downstairs and I can still sometimes hear it through the music).

Well, I decided to listen to classical music, which really helps me get through the papers quickly. How did I pick what I going to listen to? Well, I opened up iTunes and clicked radio. Then under genres I chose classical. Here’s the thing there is ton to choose from. Well, I thought I’d be random and clicked on the University of Wyoming’s stream. Oh what a great choice. The past three days I’ve been enjoying such beautiful music, have nearly finished commenting on all my student papers, written a short story, and have been so focused.

I don’t know how many classical music fans are out there, but I was raised with it and almost studied to be a band instructor instead of writer…although since I’m addicted to school, I don’t see why I can’t study to do that as well (I’m going to die in debt with student loans, but I don’t care). Anyway, if you need something to help you get in the zone try it out. I also love the website because it lets you know what  is currently being played. You can purchase it as well through the website. Here is the link to what is currently being played.

I hope you all at least check it out. It’s great. They just finished playing Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Suite. I wanted to run into my boyfriends arms, but alas he lives 1000 miles away (wah wah–pity party over).

So, check it out. You’ll be glad you did.


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