What was I thinking?

Exactly, what was I thinking?

I had a late class tonight and I thought, in my infinite wisdom, to drink my very favorite soy milk latte. I love espresso and I make a small two serving pot and add the espresso to piping hot plain soy milk. I then add one packet of Splenda and BOOM! you’ve got yourself a soy milk latte. I’d drink regular skim milk if my belly wouldn’t blow up like a basket ball when I do. I love good ole fashioned cow milk, my belly–not so much.

This is what I drank as I drove to my class this evening. Yesterday I had a class at 4 and was totally crashing so I thought, I better drink some coffee tomorrow when I have class at 7. I didn’t take into account that I had a great workout around 3 and that my adrenaline was pumping.

I have to be up at 6 tomorrow morning to be dressed and ready for tomorrow, but I’m wide awake. I’ll probably post this and continue reading for class. Because this semester is a transitional one, I’m trying really hard to get ahead. I don’t want to be scrambling to get work done. As my family and boyfriend have reminded me, I don’t do well under stress.

Well, I think one chapter of reading will get me sleepy. Also, my lunch, breakfast, and coffee are ready to go for tomorrow morning. I hope this semester of preparing my lunch and outfits ahead of time prove to be good Mom training.

Good night all.


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