Ready, we’re talking Spongebob ready!

Well, tomorrow I start teaching. I got all my teaching materials, and a super organized and detailed syllabus. I’m hoping to be basically teaching on auto-pilot. I know this is a dream but a girl can dream, right?

I’m super excited to get this semester going. This semester is the last of my coursework and the end of my rough draft of my thesis. I’m also hoping to lose some pounds that I’ve put on in the past two years. I”ll be attempting a new workout schedule as well as hardcore brown bagging lunch. Today I went to Target and bought those ice substitute packs, a lunch box and an aluminum water bottle. I also bought turkey meat and wraps. I’m ready!

While, I’ve always been a big brown bagger, I have had moments of weakness and have given in to some bad food choices. We have a Wendy’s on campus. How can one say to no to their Junior bacon cheeseburger? Or the Frosty? I will say, in general I do pick salad, but on a bad day, a Frosty is as good as a beer. MMMM Frosty. I digress.

I’m hoping that my really awesome four day weekend schedule that I have arranged for myself will also enable me to get some serious work done. I’m thinking I’m going to devote half of my Monday’s strictly to thesis work. Then as October progresses, I’ll devote half of Monday to my thesis, and about an hour to job hunting, and apartment hunting.

So, tomorrow I march onto campus READY! Ready, we’re talking Spongebob ready. I almost put another exclamation point at the end of that sentence and since I have Seinfeld on in the background I had second thoughts.

Wish me luck!


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