And we’re back on track

Classes and teaching start next week and I have yet to design my course. Thank God for the weekend.

I’m also about to enter my last semester of course work and I’m concerned that my thesis is going to eat up a lot of my time. I’m ready though to get this degree finished with. I will still have one more semester for thesis hours, but I’ve decided to do them away from the university. My decision has been totally vadidated after spending the week with my other half. I’m really excited to be gearing up to move to the same zip code as him. We’ve been long distance for almost 3 and half years.

While I’m not refreshed, I’m still really excited to get started with school. Part of this is because I’m taking some great classes this Fall and I’m ready to dig into some new books and write my ass off.  The other part of me is excited because I just love being a student. Even though I bitch about how much work I have to do, I love a lot of it. I am not a fan of the stress.

I’m loading up on classes; I’m taking four, when the norm is three. I did this so that going away for my thesis hours would be possible. This Fall is going to be one of change. I’m going to be job hunting, thesis writing, and apartment hunting at the same time. I’m excited but not sure if I’m ready to work as hard as I’m going to have to.

The thing is, I either do the work or don’t graduate. I’ m ready to not be a student for a while; to start the next chapter of my life. Ben Folds has song called “Free Coffee” and there is a line in the song that says, “We all get new selves every seven years” and that is so true.  I’m going to be writing on this blog seeking motivation and probably doing a lot of procrastination.

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