Hurricane Season Sweet Hurricane Season

Hurricane season has a huge place in my heart. While I’m not going to reveal where I am right now, I will say I have a lived in one of the states that is usually impacted every year by Hurricane season. You can take that however you please.

As a kid Hurricane Season was exciting; getting the supplies, water, cleaning up the yard to prevent debris of it was fun. The possibility of no school would buzz in the air. I will say that I have had many good times on days school was canceled because of a hurricane. Most of those times the storm was not a threat but the county wanted to be safe.  We’d get lucky and there wouldn’t be a cloud in the sky, my friends and I would be at the beach. It was difficult to be afraid of Hurricane Season when the years before we had cancellations like “snow days” but better because we could be outside throwing the frisbee around at the beach. But as I got older and we actually started getting hit with categories higher than one and the severity of the season started to sink in. When work or school would be canceled for a week because we couldn’t get around, and people had no power I started to realize how serious this was.

While I’ve never been one to laugh at Mother Nature’s power, I think I was a bit dismissive as a child, I still get excited during hurricane season because there is a certain energy about it. It’s tangible. Tracking the storms, looking into the eye of the storm as it rotates on the radar. It’s addicting. I’ve always liked to track the storms, and am a big part of the reason will get increased traffic. I love watching the radar in motion. I love looking at the maps that show Africa releasing storms into the ocean and I love predicting the strengths of the storms. I think when you have lived in a place where hurricanes occur your inner meteorologist surfaces. I know mine does. I’m obsessed with a lot of things and I think weather is one of them.

So, it’s June 1st and Hurricane Season is here. I have my theories on why it will or won’t be a scary season. I haven’t decided how active this season will be but something tells me it will be an active one, although my feeling is nothing more than a hunch and I have no evidence or training to back this up. 

It’s weird because the beginning of the season is always exciting, but it is also a relief when it ends November 30th and there aren’t devastation’s like we’ve seen recently in Caribbean, Texas, Florida, and Louisiana. I just want (as I think everyone who lives near these coastal regions does) the storms stay in the ocean.

Regardless of where we want these storms to stay Mother Nature is the one who decides and because of this I can guarantee you I’ll be hooked to CNN and the Weather Channel at the mention of a storm, being impressed, as I am every year, by these storms.


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