Burnt Brains

I have a terrible fear. The fear of burning out before I’m done with my coursework.

Come Decmember, should everything go as planned, I’ll be done with my coursework and only have to do is revise a thesis. That is if I can focus enough to write one.

Here’s the problem. Week one of summer school is finished and I’m already feeling behind, and don’t have an ounce of care in me. I just want to take naps and exercise, and read for pleasure. Do whatever. I am not focused at all on my school work, or my novel, which I am planning to get a good chunk done this summer.

I don’t know how to get this focus. I thought a re-dedication to my workout and eating right would only lead to a re-dedication to my writing. But instead I just want to sleep the summer away. I need help getting focused and any suggestions would help.

By next Thursday I need have to 20 pages written and have read about 300 pages. I try really hard to write at home, but I find I can’t get anything done in my house. I’m actually considering a Starbucks. What do you guys do to get focused? Do you have a writing space? Where is it?  Does leaving your house to write help?

While summer one is just one obstacle, I can’t help but be concerned that summer two will entail teaching and one more class. Then a measly three week break and then four more classes. While those four classes in the fall will be my last four classes. Will I be able to handle four graduate classes, three of which are literature courses, one of which is a workshop, where I won’t be submitting any of my thesis to be workshopped, but will be working on another project.

I’ve been close to being burnt out before and I can see the symptoms beginning. I’m glad that it’s May sweeps and there isn’t a TV show besides The Office that I care about. I may unplug my TV to be really hardcore. I imagine this will last a week, but whatever.

Please, any ideas for a re-dedication to writing would be helpful.


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