Summer Goals

And so, it’s back to reality. Summer school started on Monday and I feel like it’s time once again to get back on track.  I had a week and half off to refresh and reset and now it’s go time.

I’m taking a workshop where I’ll be working on my novel, which is also going to serve as my thesis. My professor described the class as an “immersion” class. I’m stoked about this. The only way to survive it will be to write everyday. This is the kind of kick in the ass that I need. I need to be forced to write daily. I’m hoping the intensity of this will rub off into the fall. I’ve been working on getting a routine going all year and I’ve almost got my workout schedule set and so it’s time to focus on my writing schedule.

Is it terrible that I put the workout routine first? I’m going to justify it by saying that if I don’t workout, I can’t focus. I need to let off steam and running and working out are the most productive ways I know how. I’m not going to do drugs or drink, I will, instead, run it out. While it’s getting really hot, running is going to be very challenging but I’m up for it. I’m also ready to write write write.

I feel like I don’t have time to write anything but my novel and I wish, so much so, that I could just hide in cellar and write this novel until I’m done with it. Unfortantely, I’m not rich or anti-social enough to do this and so I’ll have to continue with my daily responsibilities. Hopefully this workshop will help.

My goals: I’m going to write them out here so it’s official and I can see if I’ve completed them by the end of this summer.

1) Remember why I signed up to be in this program, by writing.

2) Complete a good portion (like 90pgs) of my novel.

3) Develop a kick ass writing schedule without sacrificing any of my exercising.

I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress.

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