Summer will come and go

Over the next few days I’ll be lounging by a pool that over looks some coast surrounded by a bunch of foreign tourists. I hope that during this vacation I experience some cool story I can relay to you all. I also am thinking I’ll bring some observations about Dante’s Inferno to you guys. I have never read it, and frankly if I hadn’t told my sister that I would read it, I probably wouldn’t ever read it. I intend to be like my professors who only assign books they want to read. I think this is a great system.

Once this break is over and Mother’s Day passes, it’s time to strap on the seat belt and get cracking once again. Because I won’t be teaching until the end of June, I actually have the opportunity to get a great writing schedule in and, and, and, time to get a workout schedule going. I have been debating if I want to talk about working out here in this writer’s space, and the more I think about it, the more I do.

It has occurred to me how important exercise is. Almost too late.  I have found that having a writing and workout schedule has become increasingly difficult.  I will discuss this more in detail, right now though I’m thinking about which sundress I’m going to wear tomorrow. Probably a cute green one.

I would love to hear about everyone’s vacation plans. I haven’t decided if I’m going to take a writing break as well. I feel like when I’m more relaxed I write the most and it’s good quality writing, so I’m not sure…I’ll probably try to bang out some pages.

Do you guys write on vacation?


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