A list of excuses

All I have to do is finish this paper and summer is here, but I can’t seem to get it done. I keep finding new reasons not to work on this paper. Reasons like:

1) there is a sale on sundresses

2) I am brain fried

3) it’s beautiful outside

4) I hate my desk

5) I need ink for my printer

6) I’m too jittery from the coffee

7) I need to make food for the week

8) It’s Sunday, and by working on this paper I’m not following the 3rd commandment.

9) It’s not due until Tuesday morning so technically I have all of Monday to finish it

10) What’s 35% of my grade?

11) With summer here I should really paint my toes

12) I can’t concentrate unless everything is tidy, I should clean my room.


And I could keep going,  but it would further justify that I’m about two seconds away from going to the mall to look for sundresses. I think I’ll bang out two more pages and then look for some sundresses.

I would love to compile a really great list of excuses…please feel free to leave some suggestions or thoughts.


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