Procrastination Makes It Happen

I should be working on a research paper right now, but instead I thought I’d warm up and write a blog post. I’ve been really putting this paper off for a while, at least two weeks. I’ve known what I wanted to write about for about that long, but haven’t done anything for it, until Tuesday.

While, I am considering going into “self-loathing” mode, I figure, this is what grad school is all about. I’m preparing myself for that tenured track professor job I so covet, that with all the budget cuts going on in this country, I will have to bust my ass to get come graduation.

Think about it…when there is a call for papers for conferences you write a 250 word proposal stating some brilliant argument pertaining to the theme of the conference, send it out and get accepted to read. Then two weeks before the conference you get a reminder about the dates, what room you’ll be reading in and more.

Then it’s crunch time, it’s three days before the conference and you have a twenty minute presentation that needs to be written. All the stress, the research, the writing, it brings you back to your grad school days, when you were cramming to write a research paper on  Borges and Derrida. You were to “add to the conversation.” A conversation you’ve never been a part of…

So while it would be so easy to hate myself for waiting until four days before this paper is due to really get a move on, I’m going to look at is preparation for any other deadline that comes my way.


Thoughts? Memories you’d like to share? I’m going to focus now for real.



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