Month: April 2009


I am done and am bringing in the summer with a nice long run.


A list of excuses

All I have to do is finish this paper and summer is here, but I can’t seem to get it done. I keep finding new reasons not to work on this paper. Reasons like:

1) there is a sale on sundresses

2) I am brain fried

3) it’s beautiful outside

4) I hate my desk

5) I need ink for my printer

6) I’m too jittery from the coffee

7) I need to make food for the week

8) It’s Sunday, and by working on this paper I’m not following the 3rd commandment.

9) It’s not due until Tuesday morning so technically I have all of Monday to finish it

10) What’s 35% of my grade?

11) With summer here I should really paint my toes

12) I can’t concentrate unless everything is tidy, I should clean my room.


And I could keep going,  but it would further justify that I’m about two seconds away from going to the mall to look for sundresses. I think I’ll bang out two more pages and then look for some sundresses.

I would love to compile a really great list of excuses…please feel free to leave some suggestions or thoughts.

OneMean MFA is on social media

Hey you guys, I created a Facebook account for the blog and would love to have you all as friends. It’s not a private account or anything.

You can search for me by email or by the site name Onemean MFA and I will pop up as picture of typewriter.

Feel free to send messages, friend me or post on my wall.

Looking forward to meeting you guys.

I’m also on Twitter.

Procrastination Makes It Happen

I should be working on a research paper right now, but instead I thought I’d warm up and write a blog post. I’ve been really putting this paper off for a while, at least two weeks. I’ve known what I wanted to write about for about that long, but haven’t done anything for it, until Tuesday.

While, I am considering going into “self-loathing” mode, I figure, this is what grad school is all about. I’m preparing myself for that tenured track professor job I so covet, that with all the budget cuts going on in this country, I will have to bust my ass to get come graduation.

Think about it…when there is a call for papers for conferences you write a 250 word proposal stating some brilliant argument pertaining to the theme of the conference, send it out and get accepted to read. Then two weeks before the conference you get a reminder about the dates, what room you’ll be reading in and more.

Then it’s crunch time, it’s three days before the conference and you have a twenty minute presentation that needs to be written. All the stress, the research, the writing, it brings you back to your grad school days, when you were cramming to write a research paper on  Borges and Derrida. You were to “add to the conversation.” A conversation you’ve never been a part of…

So while it would be so easy to hate myself for waiting until four days before this paper is due to really get a move on, I’m going to look at is preparation for any other deadline that comes my way.


Thoughts? Memories you’d like to share? I’m going to focus now for real.

Research Schmesearch

Well, instead of working on my novel/thesis I am researching a paper and instead of posting regularly on the site, I’m working on a research paper, When that paper is done, I’ll be back…with a short short for you guys. I didn’t get any feedback on the poem and still would like some. It’s still up if you’re interested.

A Poem

I started to write this as a joke while I sat  in class, but I liked the concept and finished it. I would love some feedback on it. Suggestions for improvement, what you think about it.

Emotional Cheeseburger



I cried once,

eating a Wendy’s dollar menu cheeseburger.

My hunger palpable.

The pangs banging against

the inner lining of my belly.




I’m fucking starving, I kept thinking.

Had you asked me what starvation was

I would have answered,




We sat in the drive-through




I want my damn burger,

Give it to me.

I need the meat.



We drove, the car smelled like

potatoes drenched in reused oil and refrigeration.

Give it to me.


It was passed over

white paper bags and

cardboard potato holders.

The smell: greasy paper wrapped meat nestled

between white bleached bread

soaked with condiments and a meaty residue.


One bite

So satisfied

The lettuce ripped apart by


Meat, pickles, and ketchup

Ground together bringing tears to my eyes.




Thanks again for the feedback, in advance.