When the hell is Spring Break?

Seriously. My brain feels like it’s been a “Fry Baby.” Do they still make those things? I bet they don’t sell as much because everyone and their mother is watching their weight. Well I don’t really like my french fries baked I like them double fried. It’s bad for you which is why I don’t really subscribe to the french fry even though they are delicious and probablyly in the top 5 of my favorite foods. Wait, how did I get to talk ing about food. It truly is a major obsession of mine. Thank goodness I’m aware that when I smell food I gain weight because if I wasn’t I’d be so fat.

Okay back to when spring break is. I just hope I can enjoy it. I’m worried my goal of “getting ahead” is going to get in the way of me enjoying my time off. Although, maybe by getting ahead I will be able to enjoy the rest of my semester. Also, if I get ahead and not go to movies and dinners, my paycheck will go further. As much as I love being a student, I do miss the paycheck of being a professional. Although, aren’t I professional? I’m confused.

I think I’ve been reading too much. Is there such a thing. My brain seriously feels like when I get out of the shower and over estimate how much lotion I need on my legs and can’t get it off.  You know, you keep rubbing and rubbing then you try and put your forearm on your leg to get the lotion off.

Okay I’ve been random enough for today. Maybe I should skip to my class tonight it may help with the serotonin situation.


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